Auto Loans

Think you can't get a top-performing auto campaign without skimping on

quality or going to a catalog? Come to Pinpoint. We know how to leverage

your brand and your budget for

great results.

Using your MCIF or DP Systems information, we'll help you capture purchases

and refinances to boost your portfolio. Choose a combination of electronic

and print media for an effective campaign that delivers the results you need,

at a price that might surprise you.

Acquisition, Recapture, or Prospecting- We can help you formulate member and nonmember strategies to reach a higher ROI and increase share of wallet.

Your members need vehicles. We'll help you hand them the keys.

Looking for something new? Running the same old Auto Loan Campaign?

By adding vehicle value information to your next auto loan campaign may be the little nudge your members need to go car shopping.

We’ll create a personalized auto loan campaign displaying vehicle worth, advertise your loan rates, and  how to use their equity to their benefit. Using current, regionalized N.A.D.A. or Kelley Blue Book values matched with your members’ VIN and loan balance, we can tailor the data and the offer to fit your goals.

“We love the Vehicle Value Statement program! It’s a win-win. Members receive personalized information about their vehicle’s equity, so they can make an informed decision about their next vehicle purchase. At the same time, we’re able to show them financing scenarios, and that brings in additional loan volume for us.”

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