3-Prong Strategies That Work

Any great offer should be re-purposed into a 3-prong campaign for members and non-members.

Casting the broadest net makes sense and it's cost-efficient to leverage your message as

deeply as possible.


  1. Use data to find members who may be reaching the end of their term or reached
    it within the past six months retain their business.
  2. Use data to reach members who've never used the product or service. Craft a
    slightly different message to them for an acquisition strategy.
  3. Direct mail remains a very cost effective approach to reach prospective members.
    Incorporate mass media with direct mail to share your news within the
    communities you serve. These can be branch signs, billboards, web ads, newspaper
    ads, and social media for a prospecting strategy.

Keep in mind that every time a person sees your message in public, it's reinforced. It takes three views to make an impression and up to 15 exposures to remember it.

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