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Target Consumers Actively Searching for Mortgage Products

Consumers with recent mortgage inquiries are interested in

immediate financing. Let us help you identify these creditworthy

people and make them a relevant, personal offer using a mortgage

trigger campaign. In today’s competitive mortgage market, a

mortgage trigger can be the essential tool (secret weapon) to

closing more business than your competitors.

Smart Leads Yield Better Results
Consumer credit report inquiries are generated by hundreds

of third party data resellers at the three credit bureaus. To derive

your leads, our sophisticated software evaluates only those mortgage inquiries that meet your criteria and removes any false prospects. The result is a list of consumers who best fit the profile of your ideal borrower.

We Simplify Your Job
From pre-screened data services, through fulfillment, Pinpoint Direct Marketing can do it all. Share your marketing challenge, and we’ll provide the solution at budget-friendly costs.