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Skip a loan payment program

This is an incredibly popular and profitable program for credit unions. In fact, the fee income alone can more than pay for your skip-a-loan payment promotion. Many of our clients have semi-annual skip-a-payment offers and offer them as perks in their loan promotions.

Personalization is the key to a successful promotion. We can make the direct mail highly personalized to get the members attention. Using your member data, PDM can list all of the eligible loans and payment amounts on the order form for each individual member.

We recommend using a personal URL (PURL) for each member for ease and convenience as a way to respond to your offer, as well as privacy. Once the member uses their PURL and hits the SUBMIT button, the loan department gets an immediate response. Incorporate an email as an additional communication with the credit union member.

Complete Program
PDM takes care of the campaign’s set-up and materials. Our services include...

  • Full creative with a 4-color letter or postcard
  • Printing that includes the variable data to personalize each piece
  • PURLs can be added as an additional communication tool for your member
  • Letter shop services, postal compliance, and delivery to a postal facility