trigger campaigns

Be a savvy marketer and use a trigger campaign to build a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Here is how Pinpoint can help.

The Objective.
Increase member participation and share of wallet through relevant, multi-exposure, trigger based marketing.

The Process.
The process of launching a trigger based marketing initiative can seem overwhelming at first. We will simplify the

process for you. Define the need, leverage your data, make the offer, and monitor the results.

Define the Need.
Select triggers that will make the most impact on your credit union. We’ll work with you to determine which triggers are the best for your business.

Leverage Your Data.
There are a number of data points that we’ll use to create your campaign(s). The key to making relevant offers is our ability to drive variable data to build a segmented campaign. We’ll not only use your data to make the offer more specific, but drive multiple letters, postcards or emails through a single data extract.

Make the offer.
We’ve executed hundreds of campaigns. We’ll provide top-notch advice on how to make a compelling results-based offer.

Monitor the results.
One important facet of outsourcing this type of work is the ability to stay strategic. Let us focus on the mechanics while you focus on improving the results of the overall effort.

Personalize your campaign using member data. In every communication, greet your member by name, direct them to their nearest branch, and the right person at your credit union to help them. Doing this helps the member become comfortable with you and erases the perception of junk mail.

Once your campaign is in place, you supply the data, we do all the work.

Keep a member for life. Let us create a trigger campaign for you.

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